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Exploring Brand Potential through Test Market

The Icelandic market is unique. It is a very sophisticated market because of its confluence of sensibilities and thus been a prime test market for large international brands and media companies who test concepts and product.

The primary drive in the home market has been to try different product and media types, in order to explore the concept’s potential. LazyTown’s product strategy has always been to focus on a few product types at a time, while simultaneously exploring different categories over time.


1. For age group 4 to 7.
2. Specially made for age group 1 to 3.
3. As a percentage of children in the relevant age group.

The first product was a book titled Go, Go, LazyTown! and was later produced as a musical theater play, where 69% of the nation’s 4 to 8 year olds came to see it and was the most popular theater production in 1996/97. Followed by the video, Go, Go, LazyTown! (based on the same book) became the nation’s second-best-selling video of all time, for both children and adults, (edged out only by Disney’s Lion King). LazyTown has published five other best-selling books, three musical CDs and a board game. A second musical, Robbie Rotten Comes to LazyTown, was also a sellout since it first appeared in the theater in the autumn of 1999.

High-Quality Production

The production quality of all products and events has been exceptionally high, especially in comparison to other material produced for this target group. LazyTown uses humor, music and high-quality production and strong values to enable children to make positive choices for their physical and social well being. This is a key issue that separates LazyTown from other contemporary children’s programs.

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