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Welcome LazyTown

Next time you’re driving down the freeway, keep your eyes peeled for the “LazyTown” sign (It’s the one lying face down on the ground). Take the next right, and before you know it you’ll find yourself in a strange and wonderful village where the everyday world of kids is turned upside down and inside out.

The people of LazyTown love to lounge. They find inactivity invigorating. And they revel in relaxation. On any given day, you can find them doing whatever requires the least amount of effort – which means kicking back in comfy chairs, vegging out in front of the TV, frittering away endless hours playing video games, and gulping down junk food with zero nutritional value. Say the word “health” and you’ll get a lot of blank looks. Say the word “gym” and someone just might scream.

It’s not that the grown-ups in LazyTown are crazy or evil – this is just how they’ve done things for as long as they can remember. And because they’re proud of their history and traditions, they don’t see a need to change. So they encourage their children to eat fewer vegetables and more sweets, watch videos all day, and avoid playing outside, exercise, and sleep.

The kids of LazyTown are another story. They’re much less set in their ways, and they have the potential to change. But they figure that their parents know best. Besides, living the LazyTown way isn’t so bad. Potato chips and candy taste great. Watching TV and battling digital aliens is fun. And chasing a ball around looks, well, tiring.

The kids of LazyTown are in dire need of a hero to look up to – someone to show them alternatives to all the bad habits and easy solutions they see around them. Luckily, they’ve got a homegrown health hero named Sportacus 10 (“Sportacus” for short).

Sportacus will be the first to tell you he isn’t a superhero; he’s just an “above average hero”. His physical fitness, acrobatic skills, and healthy diet make him a role model for the kids of LazyTown (and kids at home). He uses every ounce of his energy, imagination, and infectious sense of fun to achieve his mission: inspiring kids to live healthier lives.

But don’t worry, we’re making a half-hour show, not a half-hour preach. Our wildly entertaining, devastatingly funny episodes will make a philosophy of fitness, moderation and healthy choices in diet, and respect for yourself and others very easy to swallow, without sugarcoating it!

LazyTown is an exciting, child-centric comedy show that borrows liberally from the action genre. The kinetic camera, silly design, and relatable characters make for an engaging world; a world where kids can discover the benefits of fitness and a healthy lifestyle for themselves.

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